I New Jersey på ett The Vampire Diaries event igår

Just nu händer det en hel del saker relaterat till Paul! Igår var Paul i New Jersey där ett The Vampire Diaries event är. Han var där med bla. Ian Somerhalder. Ännu har inte panelvideon kommit ut, men här nedan kan ni se två mobilbilder och läsa lite saker som Paul sade under panelen han gjorde.
  • Paul never saw Supernatural.
  • Fan asked Paul to say most embarassing thing on set and he said: “Why would I tell you?”
  • “I’ve never tripped. My first steps were flawless.”
  • Asked about his comment on not believing Stefan’s actions on not saving Elena and he said “he lost his marbles!”
  • “I wouldn’t do that as a dude. Cause I love her. I wouldn’t let her have a choice because that’s me. I’m perfect and modest.”
  • Enjoys Q&A’s because he never knows what he’s gonna say. “I just make shit up.”
  • Biggest prankster or doesn’t take themselves seriously are Matt Davis and Daniel Gillies.
  • Daniel and Paul had a romantic evening last night ;) “We took a bathe.”
  • Told us to tell Daniel he’s not ashamed of their night together. He misses his touch.
  • Similarity between him and Stefan? They look alike.
  • Guy at airport security saw Paul’s name and laughed at his air. Thought he was trying to be Stefan. Then the guy thought he was Robert Pattinson and started apologizing about KStew.
  • Didn’t read anything about this “damn Fifty Shades. I don’t give a shit about it. I’m not lobbying for it.”
  • Met Torrey on a working environment. Likes having her close now. Doesn’t critique his acting


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